Important things needed to know about API application

Important things needed to know about API application

It is considered as a mandatory task for you to know about the shipping cost while you are making online purchases. It is because the customers need to know about how much they have to spend to ship their goods right from the seller to their destination address. There you can switch towards using API ongkos kirim it is a WooCommerce plugin that provides the calculation-based postage services.

Features of API plug-in 

It makes use of the own proprietary API-based integrated data right from the expedition-based services that are found in Indonesia. The delivery expense plug-in is set based on the needs of each store that is available in the online. The owners can do adjustments based on the postage when the shopping price appears not by the actual shipping.

Here to distinguish there each buyer’s transaction makes use of the plug-ins that would create a unique code for generating randomly, the code would have appeared at the checkout. The owner doesn’t want to worry even when they had missed out on their transactions.

How the calculation gets process?

The calculation is done based on the shipping that is done and by using this extension there you don’t need to enter out the postage data manually because already the plug-in would have integrated with the support of data that has been received by all the courier services that are getting updated daily. It is easy for the users to know about API ongkos kirimFor this purpose, there is a need for you to activate the plug-in in the process of entering the postage plug-in based API function. It is used for calculating out the shipping insurance, the cost that is charged for packing out wood, the mark-up postages, and the shipping-based calculator that makes you stay smarter.