Pick the right type of carpet

At home, carpets are used to cover the flooring you can cover all the different rooms although the carpet type may differ from room to room. The carpet which may sit the living may not be the best option for your office room. There are different types of carpets among them the two main carpet types are loop pile and cut pile. You must have some knowledge about the type of carpets while buying carpet specialist singapore. So let us see about some carpets in detail.

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  • Berber: this type of carpet falls under loop pile carpets and they are very common in use. Loop pile carpets mean that the fibers are bent in loops. The Berber carpets are very much durable and can resist stains but you may not find them as cushioning as the other carpets. If you avoid contact with sharp objects they will stay for a long period without tearing.
  • Level loop: It has small loops but it is made sure that all the loops are in equal length. It is suitable for the areas where you have more traffic as they are stiff and that makes it tough for regular usage.
  • Saxony: This carpet is a cut pile type of carpet. The fibers in these carpets are cut in equally and the fiber is fixed very tightly. This carpet is very smooth and looks very luxurious. So do not use it in an area where there is a lot of movement of things as it may get spoiled.
  • Textured: This is another type of cut pile carpet. It is made by twisting the yarn and after twisting it is cut. The twist is fixed tightly so that it can resist the stain and it is very easy to clean. Compare to Saxony it has a more nice tone.


Hope you have got enough knowledge about different types of carpets and we are sure that it will be useful to select the carpets for your home.