How to Prove Your Canadian Citizenship

In the event that you are a Canadian resident because of naturalization or birth, you approach the rights and benefits of that citizenship, including access to Canadian social projects and the option to live, work, and study in Canada. To appreciate the benefits of being Canadian, you may need to prove your Canadian citizenship.

Regardless of whether you are applying for a grant, entry into another nation, work, or whatever other explanation where you have to prove your citizenship, there are a couple of archives you might have the option to submit:

1) Your identification

In the event that you are attempting to enter or leave Canada, your identification might be sufficient to prove you are Canadian. As stated on canadapt, you can introduce your identification to Canadian government offices and departments to show you are a resident and qualified for their help.

2) Your Canadian Citizenship Card

Until February 2012, the Canadian government provided a wallet-sized plastic-overlaid card containing a photograph, date of birth, and other distinguishing data of each naturalized resident. Despite the fact that the card is did not issue anymore, in the event that you have a Canadian citizenship card, you can utilize it as proof of your citizenship and it stays legitimate.

In the event that your card was taken or lost, you will need to report it to your neighborhood police. At times, Canadian citizenship cards were given with a memorial certificate. In the event that you got such a certificate, it isn’t presently and has never been a substantial proof of citizenship and you can’t utilize it rather than your citizenship card.

In the event that you lose your Canadian citizenship card, you won’t lose your status as a resident. Be that as it may, you should apply to have another Canadian citizenship certificate made, since new cards are not given. To apply for another certificate, round out Form CIT 0001 (Application for a Citizenship Certificate―adults and minors).

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3) Your introduction to the world certificate

In the event that you have a birth certificate from a Canadian area or region, you can utilize this as proof of your citizenship. You can likewise utilize enlistment of birth abroad certificates gave whenever from January 1, 1947, to February 14, 1977, on the off chance that you were not conceived in Canada yet you despite everything qualified for citizenship during childbirth.

You may not utilize a common or domain birth certificate as proof of citizenship if neither of your folks were Canadian residents yet rather worked for the United Nations, were representatives or consular authorities for different countries, or were in Canada with discretionary benefits and insusceptibilities.

4) Your Canadian Citizenship certificate

The Canadian citizenship certificate is a paper estimating 8½ by 11 inches. This archive proves you are a resident of Canada and furthermore contains data, for example, your name, sex, date of birth, a certificate number, your Unique Client Identifier, and the date of citizenship. Both present and past renditions of a Canadian citizenship certificate can be utilized to prove your status.

5) Some more seasoned citizenship reports

Past variants of reports used to prove citizenship are as yet substantial. In the event that you have a citizenship card or more seasoned citizenship certificate, you can utilize that. On the off chance that you have a naturalization certificates from before January 1, 1947 or a certificate of maintenance from January 1, 1947, through February 14, 1977, these are additionally substantial types of proof.

How Do I Prove my Citizenship on the off chance that I Have Lost my Proof of Citizenship?

On the off chance that you have lost your proof of citizenship or have had your proof taken or harmed, you should apply for another Canadian citizenship certificate by rounding out Form CIT 0001 (Application for a Citizenship Certificate―adults and minors). Regardless of whether you have been utilizing more seasoned proofs of citizenship, you will be given another Canadian citizenship certificate, since more established types of proof are did not issue anymore.

Some of the time, you might not have a record to prove your citizenship on the off chance that you have lost your documentation. In these cases, you can apply for a hunt of citizenship records. For a charge, you can get documentation checking your citizenship. The procedure time can be ten months, so prepare in the event that you need proof of citizenship for a particular application.